You know you’re in your 20’s when…

Posted by Aspen
15 August 2016 | Self

Jumping the bridge from your teen years into young adulthood can hit some people like a quarter-life crisis. For others it’s just another number.

But regardless, there are some universal sighs of agreement when it comes to these key things that hit when you’re in your 20’s (thanks to the insanely witty Paul Angone!)


Sleep goes from being your arch nemesis who you’ve been avoiding at all cost, to the best friend you wish would come over more often.


Watching those 3 hours straight of your favourite show begins to feel slightly less productive than it used to…


10:00pm is late. 11:00pm is dangerous. 12:00am is insanity. 1:00am is a fairytale you remember hearing about at university.


Your body is starting to ache from the lack of movement.


You begin discussions with “Can you believe kids these days?


Debt goes from being this fairytale that is repaid in a land faraway to your daily reality show.


Memories of how you’re going to feel on Sunday morning actually begin to factor into your decisions on Saturday night.


You’ve mastered the interview response – “this is my dream job” (nod-and-smile) – for a job you don’t want and can’t believe you’re applying for.


Facebook goes from a hobby, to an obsession, to a chore.


You start cushioning all vacations with an extra day off for recovery time.


You don’t have any kids. But you do have two dogs or cats whom you treat as your kids.


You have a gym membership that you’ve used twice in a year. One of those times was when you bought the membership. The other was when you tried to cancel it.


You visit a university campus and wonder why there are so many high-schoolers there.


You now understand what your parents meant when they said: “You’ll understand when you’re older.”

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