The Women Behind Mainstream Detox

The Women Behind Mainstream Detox

Meet the team

Why hello there!

Welcome to Mainstream Detox, home of our lil’ community who encourage, empower and equip one another. Together we’re about connecting communities, whether it’s local or global, and supporting businesses that put people first and believe in ethical, sustainable and fair trade business.

We started as a way to detox the mainstream messages that are given to us about who we have to be, and who we’re expected to be. Instead we think you deserve to be celebrated for being authentically yourself and unashamed of it (because let’s be honest we all have our quirks, and that’s what makes us not only unique, but human.)

In a room where everyone’s saying you have to be perfect, we’re wanting to speak the real truth: That you don’t have to be perfect, because you’re already good enough.
Full stop.

Between magazine issues and events, you can find weekly blog posts with practical tools and resources to help your relationships thrive, whether at work, with friends, family or a romantic relationship.

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Aspen Bruce


Sharon Sitters

Contributor and Relationship Liaison

Melissa Palmer


Rebekah Hines


Holly Griffin


Melissa Silkstone

Print Designer

Alicia Morley

Website Designer

Mainstream Detox is a community of people who are unashamedly so much so themselves, it gives others around them permission to be, unapologetically and authentically, themselves.
Aspen Bruce - Founder/Editor-In-Chief