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01 August 2016 | Inspiring Stories

You know those women who are just (for lack of a better word) “goals”. Insanely talented, generous, AND grab life by the horns.

Oh you don’t…

That’s okay cause you’re about to meet one. Tara Povey aka. travel blogger at Where is Tara? has been using her passion for writing, travelling and photography to travel the world and share her adventures with wanderlusters like you and I. Not only that, Tara has had her work featured in Huffington Post, Stuff.co.nz and Lonely Planet, to name a few.

So without further ado, please let me introduce you to Tara Povey!

Mainstream Detox // What made you want to pursue travel blogging?

Tara // I know this sounds crazy, but when I was a tween I used to read about my star-sign (Sagittarius). One of the things it always seemed to mention was that the ideal job for me would be “travel writer”. I remember thinking, “Well, that’s ridiculous, that’s like wanting to be famous. No one gets that job. It’s impossible!”. And so I pushed it out of my mind. But I think, subconsciously, the thought was always there. That notion, teamed with a mother that flew me around the world several times as a child turned me into the travel blogger that I am today.

Mainstream Detox // How did you make your passion into a reality? (Did you have to take on a freelance work/cafe jobs to fund it at the start?)

Tara // I had saved a lot of money from working as a pharmacist for a few years. Then I was lucky enough to get a 5 year career break. So, for the first year of my travels, I was living off my savings, working on my website and travelling my heart out. It was in the second year that I started to make a bit of money from freelance writing, guest posts on my websites and working with companies as a brand ambassador. I had built up a decent audience by that stage. I still go back and work the odd day or two in pharmacy to keep my knowledge current and to top up my savings account.

Mainstream Detox // Alongside being known for travelling, you’re also an amazing artist (seriously good!), who are your creative/travel inspirations?

Tara // There’s so many! Artistically, I love bright, complimentary colours with clear borders and outlines. Hence, I find that I’m inspired a lot by tattoo artists. Sasha Unisex (@sashaunisex) is one such lady. There is also a young lady called Kelsey McRill (@ _KELSEDILLA_) that I LOVE. She isn’t famous, and only has a few hundred followers on Instagram, but her art is incredible! If I had a house I would buy ALL of her art and fill my house with it. Travel-wise, there are two women that have inspired me – my mother and Lara Croft. I know, Lara Croft, seems a bit weird, right? Playing Tomb Raider and seeing this incredible, adventurous, kick-ass woman travelling to all corners of the earth was such a big inspiration for me.

Mainstream Detox // What has been a ‘pinch myself’ moment you’ve had in the last year?

Tara // I’ve been so lucky this year. Well, it’s a bit of luck and a lot of work. But I think being featured in STELLAR magazine was a big moment for me. It was my first time being published in print media and the thought of people all over Ireland opening a magazine and seeing ME, travelling the world, made me want to scream with excitement.

Mainstream Detox // Where is one of your favourite places you’ve travelled to. Why is that?

Tara // I know I say this every time, but I LOVE the Philippines. It’s made up of over 7,000 islands and they’re all so different. The people are kind, the food is good and everything is cheap. It’s also where I first learnt to free-dive, so I think I have a bit of a soft spot for it. On my last trip there I went quadding up to the lava wall of an active volcano and then ziplined back. I’ve got some great memories there.

Mainstream Detox // And your least. Why is that?

Tara // I don’t really have any particular PLACE that I don’t like. However, it is worth noting that German service stations are abysmal. I drove across Europe up to Sweden with my boyfriend last year and we were horrified at the lack of services on German roads. And when we did find one, it had one shop and a toilet that you had to pay for. I mean, REALLY?? No one should have to pay to use a bathroom on a road trip when there really is no alternative. It made me appreciate the “luxurious” road-side services we have in the UK and Ireland.

Mainstream Detox // What is it about travel that appeals to you the most?

Tara // I like to have good stories. I want to be able to tell my children (far, far in the future) all about the world, and I want it to be from first-hand experience. And the people! I LOVE meeting new people. You never know who you’ll end up meeting on a night bus from Rio to Iguazu and what incredible stories they’ll have to tell.

Mainstream Detox // What advice and practical tip would you give to someone wanting to pursuing after their own dreams?

Tara // Say it out loud. Whatever it is that you’re afraid to admit you want, that you’re scared to even talk about – say it out loud. Ask yourself if what you are currently doing in life is bringing you closer to who you want to be/what you want to do. If the answer is “no”, then change what you are doing. It doesn’t have to be a big step. All great success is achieved one step at a time. Whenever I get overwhelmed and think that I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing I just say to myself “One foot in front of the other”. I have learnt to be proactive, to accept failures and rejections (there were plenty and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more), to keep trying and to never give up. If your dream is to travel, then work hard, save money and book a ticket! You don’t even need to save that much money, but I would always advise my readers to have a “safety stash” of cash just in case anything goes wrong and you need to get home quick.

Mainstream Detox // What would you love to be able to tick off the bucket list in the next 5 years?

Tara // I want to see the Northern Lights, and sledge ride with huskies and sleep in an ice hotel. I’ve wanted to do that for years. Hopefully in 2017 I’ll tick that one off. Oh and go on a cruise. I’ve never been on one. Oh and horse-ride across Mongolia! My bucket list is never ending. Each place I visit gives me at least 2 new ideas for my bucket list. I want to write a book. I already know what it will be about but I’m afraid I can’t tell you yet. Hopefully I’ll be working on that in 2017. I would also like to have done some speaking at travel events/conferences/awards. Maybe I’m planning too much, but 5 years is a long time. There’s SO much that I want to and will do.

Tara’s awesome, so keep in the know about what she’s up to at


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