Staycations: how to plan the best one for under $100

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22 March 2018 | Uncategorized

Pale blue water that looks fresh enough that you could drink from it.

Your best friends stand in their togs, staring off into the distance as though they’re trying to decide what cocktail they want next.”

And then there’s you.

Sitting here, reading this on a secret tab on your computer, sitting in an office that has air-conditioning so cold you wonder if they’re trying to freeze you to death. The hardest part is you would be on that trip too if it weren’t for those unexpected bills and other boring adult things that have come up. Gone are the days of spending money on spontaneous trips and shopping, to budgeting for the next meal and dentist appointment. When did life become so bland?

Okay, woah woah woah!

Let’s stop right there. First off, you are not about to go to your grave so let’s not get too doom and gloom, and two, there’s still a way to have fun and enjoy those spontaneous adventures without even jetting off to another country.

1. Deck out your car with a mattress, duvet & pillows and drive to a beautiful scenic spot (eg: beach, hills, mountains, lake) with a book in hand

This is a personal favourite of mine. Grab out a good book and go on a much needed digital detox. Grab a good friend (or someone you who you’d like to become a good friend with) and bond over the stunning views. ADDED EXTRA: no matter what the weather is,  this is the PERFECT way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

  1. Scout a local attraction and play tourist for the day

Museums, art galleries, or simply walking around local towns/cities to find a good cafe can be the best way to spend an afternoon. If your friends are busy, but you’re still up for an adventure, take a book/magazine and wander around until you find a cute spot to chill out and enjoy some well-deserved chill time.

  1.  Search up local gigs or festivals and bring out your inner muso

Regardless of the season, there’s always a good gig on the cards – whether it’s international or a small pub set, sit back with a glass and enjoy the gift that only music can give. All while you pretend you’re the next Beyonce, secretly hidden in the crowd.

PS: Would love to hear from you on any topics/thoughts you’d love to explore this year! Drop me a line in the box below and will be in touch 🙂

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