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12 May 2017 | Inspiring Stories

The coffee machine is cracking along in the background.

Couples and families cluster around tables as they catch up over a hot brew. When Rebecca arrives, we join the others with teas and smoothies in hand. It is hard not to see the grace and strength Rebecca carries, even in our first interactions. She welcomes you in like a long-lost friend with a warming smile. In that moment, you know you’re about to hear some real truths and gold, which is exactly what she does.

Recently beginning online platform and blog, The Thing Is. Rebecca has used the platform to capture her moments of adventure with friends and family, celebrating the stunning nature New Zealand is infamous for. The dreams for the blog extend wide, with the hope that readers would be encouraged and find a space of inspiration.

Mainstream Detox: Tell me about what made you start The Thing Is?

Rebecca: I wanted a platform where I could share all the photos I was taking, and to document life and thoughts on things and places I’ve been too. It was something I’d wanted to do for a long time. I wanted to have that creative outlet. As a hobby, I started to visiting cool places and going with friends and was taking lots of photos with friends. I wanted photography and adventures to be a big part of my life, and hope it’s an even bigger part of my life in future.

Mainstream Detox: How do you balance all the areas in your life (work, family, self, friends, relationships)?

Rebecca: I’m quite lucky in that my job is flexible, the days I’m in the office I focus on that. When we try to split our attention across different things, we lose focus. I like to make slots of times, section and plan the week before it happens. To figure it out the week before is so productive. Often I just mentally plan my week out in my head, but if it’s extremely important or big, I will put it into my iPhone diary. I think it’s just about making time for the things you love, and making them a priority.

Mainstream Detox: What are tips/advice would you give to other women wanting to pursue their passions?

Rebecca: Just go ahead and do to, don’t let what other people think stop you. It stopped me when I looked at others, and how many people have blogged. There are so many people doing this, but I overcame when realised the support I had in this process. I trusted that all my true friends would support me. Set yourself a time to get started by. Give yourself a deadline, and build yourself a deadline. It’s all about taking the little steps too.

Mainstream Detox: Who would you say are some of your inspirations?

Rebecca: With blogging, on a regular basis I like to look at other bloggers, like The Barefoot Blog. Her content and photos are beautiful, and it’s great to watch her following and how she’s built her blog up. I think it’s about working hard, creating good content and support. On an everyday level, Ben (my husband) and my mum, so positive and help. Ben was the one who encouraged me to start and thought of the name, and my mum designed the banner. They have been so important and supportive throughout everything. When you’re starting out with anything, you need the people to encourage you, and I can’t take for granted the support. Sometimes it can easy to do that (take it for granted), especially because they are family, but without them and their support, I don’t think I would’ve done this.

Mainstream Detox: Recently married, what would you say are some of the most important things in a romantic relationship?


  1. Doing things for each other. It’s can feel controversial, but nowadays through feminism, it feels like the message is that as women we don’t like the moments of chivalry, because we can do it ourselves. But I think there’s a balance of “yes I can do this on my own, but it’s really when we do it”. Simple things like holding a door open, or making my husband’s lunch are just small ways I can choose to love him through, and I’ve seen the impact these small positive actions have had the growth of our relationship.
  2. Maintaining that solid foundation as friends too. Do things that build up that friendship. When you have that strong foundation it just makes everything easier.
  3. Focusing on good communication. It took us a while to do that, but being able to sit down and talk about an issue and talk it through it, is crucial to growing your relationship. To be able to openly express “I feel like this”, and not just throwing attacks at each other. It’s easy to do that when we’re emotional, and sometimes it’s about stepping away from the conflict, giving space, until you’re both less emotional.
  4. Make time for each other, and don’t be afraid to do cute dates no matter how long you’ve been going out for. Oh, and it’s boys too.

Mainstream Detox: Looking ahead, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Rebecca: I would like to have built up my blog and being able to grow with my followers into the different stages of life (motherhood etc.) In 5 years I would like to have a child or be having one, and continuing blogging as a creative outlet when I have kids – even if it doesn’t make stacks of money. I am also quite interested in creative strategies, so that would be something I’d like to explore more too.


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Interviewed by Aspen Bruce

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