Why Mainstream Detox stopped for 6 months

Posted by Aspen
31 January 2018 | Relationships, Self

“I have a dream.”

These infamous words have captured the hearts of many, inspired nations and liberated the oppressed.

To this day, these same four words continue to hold such weight and power. In fact, for me personally they have been the fuel that has given me the hope to write here again.

I have been incredibly MIA over the last few months. There’s a variety of reasons for that; needing clarity around why/what I’m writing on here, becoming busy (working upward of 56 hours each week can do that to you), and a lack of prioritisation and creativity energy to produce anything.

Like all things in life, we have our ups and downs, our moments of being in the spotlight and out of it. This last season/stage of life has been very much a ‘hidden’ one for me, time to recharge the batteries, reignite old passions, and create habits that help me live more sustainably. I genuinely can’t wait to begin unpacking some of the incredible learnings gained in this time, from personal experience, and the wisdom from close friends, family, and wise counsel.

As always though, I don’t write for my own self-gratification, to get recognised in public settings as ‘that blogger’ or the ‘woman who did that magazine’. For me, it is far more about a conversation and providing a platform where we, as a community of women (and even some men!), can feel safe enough to come together and have honest, real and, at times fun conversations about the things that really matter.

My own personal driver behind why I am returning to the digital pages and writing again is simple: I want to serve those who are serving others. Put simply, this looks like supporting, encouraging and adding value. As I mentioned in the magazine, and in an earlier post, we all function out of the “Waterfall Effect”. We’re all giving out, but rarely do we gain/get back. You give out so much time, energy, resources to those around you (friends, family, relationships, work, travel, finances etc.), but it takes a lot of energy/thinking power to remind ourselves to stop and fuel up our own tank. This is where I see Mainstream Detox. As the safe haven, you can come to, to be recharged. Over the coming months and years, we will be rolling out various different tangible areas that embody this.

And, dammmmn am I excited to tell you all about it! For the time being though, what Mainstream Detox will look like is returning to the roots of where we started. Weekly blog posts, regular postings on Instagram & Facebook with content that will interrupt the ‘perfect’ and all too often ‘comparing’ content coming up on our news feeds, to remind you and I, that actually we are good enough.

Words will never adequately capture the thankfulness and gratitude I feel for all your support over the years, for believing in me, even when I didn’t. Above all else, I am excited to start this new chapter walking alongside you!

 Talk soon,
Aspen xx

PS: Would love to hear from you on any topics/thoughts you’d love to explore this year! Drop me a line in the box below and will be in touch 🙂

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