Hot Trends For 2016 And Why You Need To Know Them

16 February 2016 | Inspiring Stories, Self

Say Adios to the selfie stick (thank goodness!) and fast fashion, 2016 is seeing a big wave of change occur.

This week we’re breaking down what the global trends for 2016 will be. First in the two part series we’re looking at what will happen for The World Changer and The Wanderluster.

So without further ado let’s break this down:

The World Changer

1. You and I have the power

Gone are the days of hammering down on the dollar, and neglecting people. Business is moving in a new direction.

With the Internet and globalization, employees are creating space to pursue their own passions (can I get an amen!) and no longer following linear career paths.

In order to keep in-house talent from jumping ship, wise executives and business forecasters are recognizing that if businesses wish to keep highly valuable employees then the primary focus of business must change. Business owners are having to rethink the employee “experience by building cultures of purpose, empowerment, individuality and reward.”

Revolutionary entrepeurers such as Richard Branson and Ariana Huffington have been doing this for the past few years and are seeing the benefits of doing so. It’s about putting the humanity back into work.

2. Global issues and going green

With our ever-growing ability to interact with people on an international scale, it is also creating space for global issues to be addressed. I’ll touch more specifically on this on Friday, but one of the major areas we will see a boom in over the next year (and significantly in 2-3 years) is that of consumerism.

Ethical work practices on a global scale and the intolerance of poor working conditions to Western world goods is sifting. You and I are more aware than ever (thanks to the Internet) of the unethical and mass produced goods (whether it be clothes, toys, makeup etc.).

This year we will see more ethical clothing brands become popular as well as more natural and environmentally friendly ways of living.

3. Return to simplicity

We are bombarded by so many things everyday, that it actually takes a lot of energy to process it all. This year we will see the rise of simplicity across the board: interior design, clothing trends as well as the decluttering of lives.

It won’t be starkly dramatic, not like an all-contoured face and suddenly au naturel, but there will be a change to declutter our lives and encourage simplicity and minimalism.

The Wanderluster

1. Travellers meet staycations

Watch out for the wave of local photos to take over the Instagram feed. Rather than spending big money travelling to exotic locations like Southeast Asia or Quebec, travelers are making the most of their local hot spots.

Jump on board by getting the most out of your weekends and take a spontaneous road trip, check out a local café you haven’t been too yet, or just visit a local park (and that won’t cos you a dim!)

2. In-the-moment Social Media will continue to rise

While Facebook and Twitter still remain the kingpins of social media, Snapchat, Instagram and Periscope are quickly creeping their way up. Prepare for the year where capturing an in-the-moment, well, moment will reign as queen.

NB: These are the perfect platform for bold travellers like yourself who want to use social media to show friends and family of your latest adventures, not only that, it also makes for the perfect platforms to raise awareness of global issues/lifestyles of the countries and places you travel too.

3. Increase in ‘bleisure’ travellers

Thanks to the Internet and advancing technology, the traditional office space has changed. We will see an increase of those in business, freelancing and travelling around the world while working (if that’s not motivation to build up clientele I don’t know what it).

Opt out of the dingy office space for work on the beach, or hire a desk at the open offices in any big city around the world and spend the morning chipping away at work, and the afternoon sightseeing (and we thought the future was looking bleak!)

What do you think?

These are some of the predictions made by trend-watchers like KPMG, Fortune, Expedia etc, but what do you think? Do you reckon 2016 will be the year of ethical and people focused business? Will more travelers stay local, or still jet set around the world?

Better yet, what will 2016 look like for you personally? Let me know in the comments below, would love to hear what you think will happen in 2016!

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