Have Yourself A Merry Ethical Little Christmas…

21 November 2016 | Ethical Living

This week we welcome Founder of Good Products, Cool People, Becky Kemps, to share her top picks for shopping ethical this Christmas.

I am always amused at how surprised we are every year that Christmas has ‘snuck up’ on us – it’s the same time each year! As I write this there are only 39 days left until the big day or 6 more Friday’s as one shop sign states. It’s nearly time to start thinking about gifts, decorations, food and holiday destinations… its time to start shopping!

This Christmas will be different for me because over the last year I have been learning about the damage that consumerism is doing to millions of people in developing nations. The way we live and spend is supporting modern day slavery on a global scale. This year I have decided that I want the gifts I buy to enhance, not harm, the lives of those that make them. I want to buy gifts that give back to those in need. After doing a whole lot of research, I started a website that exists to connect New Zealanders to ethical products. My goal is to make it easier for people to make more informed decisions on the products they buy and so I have put together a little list of ways you too can make your Christmas more ethical.

1. Shop for ethically made products

It can actually be hard to know where to go for good, ethically made products. It’s so much easier to whip into Kmart or Glassons and grab some sweet cheap presents. However, we must remember that the products in these stores are cheap for a reason – someone, somewhere is paying the price. While volunteering at a protection and rehabilitation center in Thailand, I met some of these girls who had been trafficked into slavery. The youngest was only 4 years old. We are supporting modern day slavery by continuing to demand that our products remain at low prices.

The good thing is that there are a heap of awesome products out there that have been ethically made and are easily accessible to us. These products are not only of great quality and style but they are also creating change in the lives of those living in developing nations.

We have teamed up with Nozomi and created a cool little ethical Christmas gift guide for you all. The idea behind it was to bring together all the rad products and brands throughout New Zealand helping create positive social change in our world through the sale of their products. So check it out, follow the links and help support these awesome initiatives.

2. DIY

It’s dangerous to get me started on all the cool things that you can make for Christmas – my life is a Pinterest board! For the other DIYers out there, I have listed some of my favorite DIY gift and Christmas ideas with links:

3. Markets for some sweet locally made items

Markets are one of the best ways of finding unique, locally made products. New Zealand has an array of rad ones to explore and they normally ramp up around Christmas time. It’s win win really. You get cool, locally made products all in one place and at the same time get to enjoy the most amazing street food! If you haven’t already, get to your local markets to buy your gifts, cards and decorations:

The Coast Collective Markets
The General Collective Markets
Mary’s Markets
Crafternoon Tea Markets
The Factory Markets
Find more…

Big Little Markets

Wellingtons Underground Market
Wellington Night Market
Harbourside Market

The Riccarton Market

The Nelson Market

Whatever you decide to do this Christmas we hope it’s an ethical one.

Merry Christmas everyone from Good Products, Cool People

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