5 Must Visit European Cities Of Romance

08 February 2016 | Inspiring Stories, Romance

Romance is one thing, finding the best setting to get those fuzzy love feelings is another.

Thankfully there are some pretty stunning places in this world that hit straight to the romance chord (even if your not naturally a romantic person.) If we jet over to the diverse continent of Europe, it’s safe to say most of us will jump to the very city of love: Paris. But beyond the Eiffel Tower and croissant-consuming city, there’s a few hidden gems that’ll save you from having all those awkward photo bombers in your Valentine’s Day couple selfie.

1. Verona, Italy

Totally underrated and not overcrowded at this time of year (thanks winter), Verona is the perfect little city of romance. With a small town feel, and shops located in close walking distance to the Arena di Verona and Piazza delle Erbe, it makes for the perfect opportunity to walk by foot and get in some sneaky hand holding.

If you’re not a usual PDA person, Verona may just make you one. Besides, it is the very city setting of Shakespare’s infamous Romeo and Juliet (and yes, you can visit Juliet’s wall and make an epic re-enactment of the balcony scene.)

With a rich Roman and Renaissance influence through it’s cobbled streets, tanned buildings and overhanging lampposts, Verona truly is one the queen cities when it comes to romance (and my personal favourite. Hello honeymoon vacay!)

2. Barcelona, Spain

If you like Verona, but want more of a big city feel, then look no further than good ol’ Barca. Fused with a rich culture, modernisation, and the absolute best Metro system, she’s a must visit.

Barcelona has a bit of everything for everyone. Whether you like the industrial city feel, beachy-port life or old 1600 architecture, Barcelona has you covered.

Take a trip into the Gothic part of Barcelona (the area filled with old cathedrals, men playing guitars on the steps of churches and small cobbled alleyways), which is only a few streets over from La Rambla. In fact, why not spend the morning grabbing a bite to eat at the infamous markets tucked away beside La Rambla, walk down the culture-injected street filled with human statues and pop up stores which will lead you to the Barcelona port (the mean place you could 50-50’s if you ever played Tony Hawk’s Underground Playstation 2 game…nope, just me…umm ohhhhkay…moving on then.)

Whether it’s getting lost in little side streets or gawking at the view from Parc Guell, let’s just say if your slice on the side doesn’t know how to romance you, this city sure will.

3. Adelboden, Switzerland

When you think of winter getaway what comes to mind?

Mulled wine, curled up by a fire with scented candles flicking late into the evening. Ah, wouldn’t it be nice! Such a shame that Adelboden doesn’t have that covered..because it’s actually the best of both worlds.

With beautiful open ski slopes you can spend the mornings shredding some serious powder (or chunks of pride on those good ol’ beginner slopes, no shame, we’ll ALL been there too!). Start the afternoon with a leisurely walk through the quaint ski town of Adelboden (easily accessible by a gondola), where you can indulge in some of the finest of swiss food before tucking in for a nice night of mulled wine and…well you know.

If the idea of staying in the mountains for that long is too daunting, never fear because Interlaken, Bern and Luzern are all within 2 hr driving distance (perfect for a nice day trip, before heading back to the fireplace with mulled wine in hand.)

4. Siena, Italy

She’s often overshadowed by her attractive neighbour, Florence, but Siena is definitely a sight not to be missed. About an hour south of the gelato-infested city, Siena provides a breath of fresh air.

With cooper orange bricking coating the majority of the city and, once again the essential cobbled streets, Siena both blends in and stands out amongst its Tuscan landscape.

It’s worth ditching the car for the day and taking the time to walk through the streets. You will quickly find yourself led to the popular spot of all public celebrations, Piazza del Campo. A few key places you need to make sure you see are the Siena Cathedral (no matter how many cathedrals you see they are all just beautiful, and yet so different.), Palazzo Pubblico, and Basilica of San Domenico. Each spot brings with it beautiful pieces of history as well as stunning architecture that will quickly have you getting the warm fuzzy’s.

5. Vevey/Montreux, Border of France

Every royal needs a castle to call their own. Take your ‘queen or king’ through the streets of the stunning castle, Chateau de Chillon, which sticks out over Lake Geneva. If the backdrop of snow-covered Alps isn’t appealing enough, then maybe the path along the lake’s edge is.

Whether it’s visiting local art museums, taking a train for a better view, or sitting in the vineyards on the hill, Vevey and Montreux make for the perfect getaway. And with French as the spoken language, which will make ordering food, even if it’s just McDonalds, that much more romantic.

Finally enjoy an evening walk by the lake and check out the man-made sculptures which will have grand swans weaving in and out of them. A true picturesque sight and great fusion of French and Swiss culture. An absolute must see!

I know I’m probably a bit biased, but these cities certainly are right old beauties! But, I’d love to hear what you think! What European cities do you think are romantic and the perfect getaway?

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