5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for under $20 on the Hibiscus Coast

Posted by Aspen
14 February 2017 | Relationships, Romance

The day of the love named after ol’ St Valentine is finally upon us.

A day, regardless of relationship status, that is seen as the king pin of all commercially induced “holidays”. Roses. Chocolates. Rings…
This year rather then shunning the inaugural day of love entirely, perhaps we can look at it as another day to show our loved ones, just how much we love them…without having to prove it through a price tag.
Here’s a few things you can do tonight to spice up your evening, without having to go into wedding-like debt to achieve it.

1. Wine and Dine at the Gulf Harbour Rotunda

Pop into your local liquor store on the way out to the end of the Peninsula and grab that cheeky bottle of red, pre-order like $4 worth of chips from the local Gulf Harbour Takeaways (goes down perfect with that bottle of red.)

Prep work needed:
– ordering chips
– warm blankets
– candles (if you’re feeling the need to create even further romantic ambience)
– have a bestie show up two hours early to save the rotunda for just the two of you, seeing as every coast will clearly be heading the Nicolas Sparks novel location

Stage of Relationship: 6 months +

2. Hit up the Orewa Skate Park

Because let’s be honest we all know what really happens at the skate park.

Besides that, you and your starry-eyed life adventurer can enjoy an evening teaching one another some cool tricks on the board (longboard or skate, whatever’s your personal preference.) If the rain hits, there’s then two options, primo time to re-enact that iconic The Notebook scene…just maybe not at the skate park itself, that’d be a bit too weird, especially for the innocent gromms who’re trying to master their kick flip.

Prep work needed:
– a longboard
– you probably should also know how to skate yourself…

Stage of Relationship: 3 months +

3. Take a romantic walk down Orewa or Stanmore Beach (or any beaches on the coast really!)

A great opportunity to pass time and worst case scenario, if you ask the right questions your significant other may just take up 98% of the time talking and you just have to reply “yes”, “I understand”, “I love fluffy red pandas too!” Perfect for those who want to do something “cute and romantic”, and hide the fact they only just realised that today is Valentine’s day…and it’s already 6:30…EXTRA: Boost the sentimental value and pick up shells and trade them with one another.

Prep work needed:
– call significant other and tell them to meet you at the Surf Club
– show up to the Surf Club

Stage of Relationship: Varies (first date right through to 70 yrs together).

4. Feed Brutus & co

Rumour has it, out in the Gulf Harbour Marina is another friendly coastie who can spice up your Valentine’s Day and make it that much more magical. The Coast’s very own pet sting ray, Brutus, lingers by the docks with his big kingfish friends. Take some fish bait down and feed ol’ Brutus. Besides if the date is going horribly, you’ll know what to do…walk to the Gulf Harbour Rotunda and that’ll fix all your problems.

Prep work needed:
– buy fish bait
– wave at all the couples squibbling over the rotunda at 8:30 tonight, because you were the wise one who read further than the first point

Stage of Relationship: First date onwards (nothing says “local” then taming a wild sting ray).

5. Iconic “Regional Park” Treasure Hunt

Make the evening one filled with adventure and get those Insta worthy pics – Shakespeare, Mahurangi, Wenderholm, Long Bay, just to name a few. You could even stop at the Plaza and snag yourself the true coast meal – hot chips, T sauce, mayo and gravy.

Prep work needed:
– $20 petrol
– phone
– sense of adventure

Stage of Relationship: Maybe not first though…could be a bit creepy driving to the middle of no where – but totally all good for second date material…

So go on, have a great night of romance with that special someone.

If you’re still on the hunt to find your Larry or Lisa and keen to get away from all the Valentine’s Day posts on FB, we’ve got you covered for the evening here and here.

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