5 habits of highly successful people

Posted by Aspen
31 December 2015 | Inspiring Stories, Self, Work

New Year is the
perfect time to
reflect on the year
that has passed.

It’s also the prime time to gloss up some new goals (getting healthy being at the top right). But how can we create successful goals that actually last. Better yet, how can you create a good goal that can evolve into a good habit.

Here are five important habits, that begin from goals, that you can begin adopting to see your dreams grow and flourish right through to completion.

When you feel like it’s just not working and all you really want to do is chuck in the towel and binge watch Netflix, remember that it takes 10% motivation (feelings) and 90% discipline (will power) to complete something. It’s often after the 10% wears off that we like to give up. But trust me, you’ve got this! Hold on and keep going, because you’ll be surprised at just what you can achieve.

This year I’m making time for those I deeply care about and working more on listening intently than just speaking.

What are your New Years Resolutions?
Let me know below in the comments, would love to able to support you in them.

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