Imagine a world…

Where you are wholeheartedly encouraged in who we are, without being told who you should be. Where you’re equipped, inspired and supported in a way that allows you to continue to dream big and take bold steps.

A place where you’re connected with like-minded people, inspired in your passions and feel safe to have honest conversations about the things that really matter in life.

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Connecting is in our blood…

With the MD family stretching far and wide: NZ to USA, India to Switzerland, England to Spain, it’s safe to say we love connecting (so much so, we’ve won the non-existent, self-appointed of “friendship wing-womaners” of the year).

Blog posts, retreats, magazine, events, organised meet-ups, and exclusive curated content. These are just a few of the practical ways we connect like-minded people together. As you may have noticed we’re not big on “selling and ads” (no advertising on the homepage and in our mags), so if you’d like to learn more about monthly memberships, click that cheeky button below.


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