Imagine a world…

Where you are wholeheartedly encouraged in who we are, without being told who you should be. Where you’re equipped, inspired and supported in a way that allows you to continue to dream big and take bold steps.

A place where you’re connected with like-minded people, inspired in your passions and feel safe to have honest conversations about the things that really matter in life.

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Connecting is in our blood…

With the MD family stretching far and wide: NZ to USA, India to Switzerland, England to Spain, it’s safe to say we love connecting (so much so, we’ve won the non-existent, self-appointed award of the year  for being ultimate “friendship wing-womaners”).

Blog posts, retreats, magazine, events, organised meet-ups, and exclusive curated content. These are just a few of the practical ways we connect like-minded people together. 

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